A journey with no pain, is a boring, nonsense journey to take..

A real journey, however, will give you and those you interact with,

  • added value,
  • insight and
  • inspiration.
  • A sense of purpose
  • A greaterunderstanding of the world we live in

Nothing truly new will come into your life unless some pain is involved. Pain is an essential part of growth, and without it, there is no real potential for growth. If it didn’t hurt you wouldn’t stop even the most stupid behavior, like pulling back your hand from the flames.
As human beings, we simply do not change or dear to step out of our comfort zones unless we’re forced to, and if we do, it is often so painful that we promise our selves that we will never attempt anything like it again. So staying in our comfort zone is what we tend to do. Day in, day out.
Although this is a good thing when it comes to protecting our self from serious injuries, it’s also the same mechanisms that keeps us from achieving something greater for our selves.
Is life about surviving it, or living it?

Well, sure it’s necessary to survive to be able to live, but barely getting through life is just a waste of time; if you’re not really living, surviving one more day, just getting through, is just silly, you’re already dead.


Fear is painful, so we avoid fear, but fear also keeps us from reaching our potential, fear keeps us down, keeps us imprisoned. Our own fear is the gatekeeper that tells us were not good enough, and our biggest enemy. Fear is painful, so we avoid all things provoking it, we figure its best we keep the fear at sleep, and so we go through life, not really living, not doing what we really should. In a world where nothing can go wrong, there is really nothing that can be really good either; it’s the contrasts between the elements that enables us to experience life, without it, it would be impossible to have a sense of being alive.


Only through facing your fears, you’ll have a chance to be brought fully to life. It’s the only way.

To really be truly alive, to really be living, is to be in constant change. Life is all about evolving, creating something new out of the old. Life is creation, creation is love, love is God. God is evolution. I believe in God, I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, I believe I’m a son.
But what does that matter, believing in God is just stupid, you might say?
Believing in the gospel, and believing in being a part of and walk with God drags you through your fears instead of you avoiding them and thus avoiding anything beneficial that lies on the other side of that fence. To walk with God is searching for truth in every thing you see and do, and thus bringing you to life and true love, and eternal life.
It’s hard to comprehend, but no worries, all you are asked to do is believe.

Too good to be true?

No, absolutely not. My Faith has changed my life, it has made me come alive.

Nothing is everything – RolfRolf