Unconscious choosing

Is a choice really a choice when it’s made unconsciously?

Are we capable of making real choices at all?

I didn’t choose:

my parents (at least not to my knowledge..)

where I was born

the school I went too

my neighbors

and the list goes on..

The things I was influenced by being brought up was certainly not something I chose, but it has had a profound impact on how I view the world and how I make my so called choices.

And even when you really feel like you are choosing, do you really know the outcome of that choice? Can we really? Or are our choices mere guessing, and by that token, we’re gambling on the outcome?

It’s like pointing out the direction to a place without knowing which way you face, you have a good idea, but you can’t bet on it to be the right direction.

At what point is a choice really a true choice?

Bi kind (whatever that is) Always.