A better way to start the day.

Just like any other engine, your body needs high quality fuel. Treat yourself nicely, give yourself the food you need to really function. 

Eating better and with more consciousness, is a life changer for sure. I’m a firm believer of a plant based diet just like Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Bill Clinton, Ellen Degeneres, Alanis Morisette and Al Gore to name a few. Another source of inspiration is Scott Jurek, who on a vegan diet, became one of the worlds greatest ultrarunners. I recommend his book My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness. 

“A great way to start the day is by making fresh juice or a smoothie”

It’s pretty easy once you get the habit going. The biggest hurdle is perhaps to buy a juicer and plan the shopping so you actually have something to put in it in the morning. My self I have a juicer form Philips (HR1871/70), and It’s probably the best 1500.nok  ($200)  I ever invested.

make a delicious juice

I like to mix a lot of different fruits and veggies, but it’s really up to you to mix and match whatever  you want to.

Here’s a recipe I use a lot:

First juice Tomatoes, Cucumber, Oranges (without the peel), Apples, Lemon and Ginger. 

Then put Bananas, Spinach, Strawberries, Blueberries, Cashew nuts and seeds like Chia and Hemp into the blender and pour the juice over and mix it into a delicious smoothie.

Voila!  I promise you’ll feel great after a smoothie like this!

banana, starwberrys and spinachI