Bodybuilding and fitness – What about a fit mind?

Sunrise in Norway

It freaks me out to what extend we are worshipping our bodies these days.

The western world is obsessed with abs, buts and biceps – it’s like that this is what keeps the planet spinning. Seeing someone with abs as hard as rocks, wearing tights and hideous sweaters, doesn’t sooth me much when I’m in need.

I have nothing against being healthy though – but no matter what you’re doing, when it gets too extreme, it’s never no good. Never.

Building a fit mind

If you oughta build something, it should be a mindful mind and a ”fit” and ”strong” conscience.  

When a person is mindful and considered it sparks a good feeling inside, a feeling of care and love and that we belong together – that helps me when I’m down and out. When people show interest in the world outside themselves, it inspires you to do great stuff.

There’s no one recipe for developing a conscious mind and growing a loving heart, but speaking for my self,  I truly, deeply believe in Jesus Christ as my savior.

Be great – be mindful!