Facebook is far worse than Trump or any of those nut cases out there.

Facebook is feeding on our thirst for gossip, and we’re falling for it. We simply can’t control our urge for it, happily sharing the gossip, and , every so often, straight out fabricated lies.

But we don’t care, almost overdosing on our own crap.

Facebook’s owners don’t want you to get smarter and more educated, they want you to sit still and scroll down their gossip infected, so called ”news feed” – that same feed is also packed with cleverly placed ads fitting the profile Facebook has made based all the data they have collected on you, creating more money for it’s owners than God him self has got. And where does that money go? into bying up other platforms and apps so they can trap u there if they don’t get you at Facebook. Inserting the same algorithms they do on Facebook, they make you feed yourself numbing, stupefying ”news”.

The next time you get stuck in that feed, just remember who owns you.

Question everything.


Face of the devil?

Looks like an angle, talks like an angle…