Feelgood Junkies

Ask any wine expert, and you’ll see her eyes light up as she explains why the wine makes such an impression on her – and all you taste is spoiled grape juice.

Whats going on here?


Whether it’s music, books, food, craftsmanship or design, few things in life can be appreciated as much as the ones we have worked to get, understand, and acquired a taste for.

If you don’t take your time being with art, work to understand it, you’ll never be able to fully appreciate it, and will most likely reject it the same way you’d as a child will reject a fine wine. 


Taste is acquired. 

Appreciation for the finer and more subtle nuances in life it self is acquired too. 

We have to invest time and effort into our relationships to reap the real fruits –  self growth.

Be curious, be kind. Always.