We have to little time today.

Or at least it seems like it, and so we set aside almost no time to really explore and really listen to new music, or art in general.
Our music and art suffers from this.

Almost everything we listen to today is designed to get us “hooked” and is screaming to get our attention. It’s not made to be any good, only made to be “the latest hit”. But it seems that the less we have to think, the better it is, and so we’re happy being force fed the crap that the commercial radio stations, tv networks etc gives us.

Today’s rapid consumption of music isn’t doing us any good. We’re getting numbed and stupefied of most of today’s music and art in general.
The music we listen to isn’t meant to make us smarter, only dumber. It’s doing all it can to grab our attention, and suck us empty, and uses all possible tricks to do so; it’s like a cheap prostitute, luring you in with a ton of makeup; you think you’re going to heaven, when hell is what it really is.
This is true both for the consumer and maker of the art, as we’re all being robbed of the real stuff, the real magic that comes to life when art is made for the sake of the art, and not for the sake of being popular.

I’m not saying that no good music is being made, I’m not saying that a piece of music coming popular inherently is a bad thing, but most of the songs coming out of our speakers is crap. Plain crap.

This is of course 100% out of sync of what we really need.

We need to think, be more conscious, we need to connect.
Yes, we connect through music, but the sad thing is that when all that is being promoted by the industry is “look at my sexy body”, “blow my whistle”, we’re only making the world colder, more harsh, more dependent on the status of good looks, money and so on. I do not applaud this.

People are suffering all over the world, we need stuff that makes us better, not more stupid and self-centered. It’s a lot of good stuff out there, but its hidden underneath the chaos created by the buzz the commercial industry is making. The challenge is to take the time to look a little bit deeper and behind the buzz. Start thinking, start questioning.

Let’s say no to crap in general, make better music, better art. Let’s make better, more meaningful lives together!