Misunderstood or diluted?

“Words are very important, but then  if we take the too seriously we destroy everything” (Living Colour)

Words seams to take on a life on their own soon as they leave our mouths. We often feel misunderstood.

Words connects us, words tears us apart depending on how we use them. Powerful stuff. 

Words are interpreted different from person to person, however so slightly. Some words evokes strong feelings to some, while being somewhat neutral to others, and can sometimes derail a discussion or argument completely. This is true especially on social media where most of the dialogue is written and we miss about 93% of the cues (body language and voice/tone) to interpret what is being conveyed.

We can get stuck in an argument due to the differences in how we interpret the meaning from the same word. We get caught up in the word it self instead of focusing on what w’re actually trying to convey. 

Words are very important, but sometimes we have to look beyond them to get to the point.

Be considered, Be Kind. Always.