Open Letter To Joanne Rowling

I’m writing this today because I’m saddened by the way you use your high status and idolized online personality, and the way you’re  being cheered by the crowd for your ”troll killing skills” – It just hurts me.

You’re obviously a very successful and highly talented girl, with a lot to show for – and although I don’t know you personally (though I really wish to get to know you) you come across as passionate and friendly, compassionate and thoughtful – most of the time.

But you also strikes me as insecure and straight out hostile toward those who criticize you. Especially those having a hard time expressing them adequately ,calling you names and characterizes you. BUT, those are the ones that need your compassion and understanding the most, those are the ones that really need your support. The rest worship the ground you walk on anyway. You slaughter them with your sharp tongue and cleverness with words

– and you got your whole ”lynch mob” of followers behind you, celebrating and giving affirmation to anything that comes out of your twitter feed – fueling hate, anger and further alienate and segregate. ”Them against us”

In my eyes, you shouldn’t have to do that, you’ve already proven yourself way more than the rest of us could ever dream of. Do you, of all people in this world, really need to sharpen your knifes any further? Is it an ego thing?

How is that anything different than Trump and his followers, the guy whose morals you seem to despise?

Don’t you know that ”The tongue that heals is a tree of life, but a devious tongue breaks the spirit” ?

Be Kind. Always.

And if you ever read this; there is no need for you to ”kill me” too, you already won – I surrender.

Rolf-Olav Ringkjøb (not hiding behind an alias..)