The underlying urge to create and discover lies in my believe in God.

My faith has changed my life, my faith has lead me to discover grate truths about the mundane life; it’s magical!

I’m very passionate about truthful living no matter what part of life it is.

However there are a couple of things that stand out to me and my particular life as really “life changers”


Food: I’m a firm believer in plant based food. I do not eat meat or anything made of animals if I have the option not to. I’m not fanatic about it though, as I see that fanaticism, no matter about what, will do at least as much damage to you as eating the wrong food.

My wife Tine and I make and explore a lot of food together, and were working on publishing all our findings in a blog. Announcements will be for the blog will be made when it’s up and running.


Running: Yes! I believe that we’re born to run. It just makes sense to me. Discovering what running does on the mental level has been a great gift. Running is awareness.

Running with the right mindset is crucial though, and I strongly recommend reading the book Born To Run by Chris McDougal and My Unlikely Journey To Ultra Marathon Greatness by Scott Jurek.

I found it essential to run in shoes that allows me to really feel the ground beneath me. An obvious choice to me are shoes that supports the feeling of barefoot running. Among them are the  Vibram Five Fingers and the B2R Shoes from “Born To Run Coach” Eric Orton