We’re pissed about Trump.

Not only are we pissed, we are also demotivated, frustrated, afraid and scared and it seems like we gave all control over ourselves over to TRUPM.

In every media I read, I find doomsday propaganda about how the world will end under president Trump

This is NOT true, and it’s not how it’s gonna be

Americans are still the same, we all are. It’s not like we woke up after the election and all of us suddenly had a different mindset and different values.

We’re quick to point our crocked fingers, but..

We still have the opportunity to be kind, generous and loving – Trump can’t stop us from that, unless we let him. Think about that for a second.

There is a little bit of a Trump lurking in us all, but we don’t have to be and behave like ignorant self-righteous bastards.

We can set good examples – we’re above president elects and royalties – we’re the world.

Be brave. Be loving, caring and forgiving.

Be Kind, Always.