To be a true leader, you’ll have to find your true self!

This sounds easy,like a no brainer, but in fact, very few people ever achieve a true understanding of them selves.                                                                                                                                                         True leadership is not getting it your way, it is  all about helping other people come alive, gain consciousness, empowering them, enabling them to get on to their path of a higher goal, thus helping us all.

Most people want to lead for the sake of leading, to gain something for them selves, thus no gain for the follower, with the result that the follower is being mislead instead.

You could start by asking your self why you do what you do, and be as truthful in your answer as you dare to be.

If you’re honest enough you’ll see that there is a lot of “stuff” in you, making it hard to see clearly what your intentions really are. This is hard. This is why there are very few True Leaders out there.

But hey, its possible, just never give up on yourself, and you’ll reach that place within where true leadership is coming from!

rolf (rolf)