So your in love, and your lover is the most wonderful person in the whole universe. Everything seems just perfect. For a while.

Then slowly arguments and disagreements starts popping up – what happened?

Did you change, did your partner change?

Most likely you’ve started to discover your own demons. Yup, you’ve got demons too. Just like me.

The hardest thing on this planet is going into battle with yourself. There can only be one winner, and it’s probably not you – not who you are right now anyway, and that scares the shit out of most of us.

But if you don’t take up the fight with yourself, you will never know:

–  who you really are,

–  how awesome you really can be,

–  the greatness inside you,

and you end up loosing anyway.

You’re NOT alone. I promise.

Be brave, have faith and take up the fight.