Addiction, whether it’s in relationship to another person or drug really doesn’t matter, the internal mechanisms are the same.




What do you do when that numbefying feeling of totally loosing your self hits you, and you realize you’re no longer in control of your own emotions, feelings and behaviors. You’re a victim of your own needs and wants.

Desperately you fight to regain some sense of control, only to find that it has completely taken you over. Like a puppet on a string you’re being controlled by someone else, a force much stronger than you and your own will.

Once your heroine gets inside you she alters the way you think and percieve once you’re hooked, there is no way back. Your on an emotional roller coaster. You’re an addict.

In the book, The Female Brain, the author Louann Brizendine points out that you are in fact as hooked and helpless when in love with another person as if you got hooked on heroin. It’s pretty serious. I strongly recommend you, boy or girl, to read this book. It will give you a whole new understanding of the world around you.

My take on it, besides being real honest towards my self about it, has been to write about it. The song My Heroin and my Demon is about finding your self in a situation you can no longer in charge, and how surrendering to your helplessness is the only way to get out of it.