Love hurts, love scars, love wounds and marks ..

Yeah, Love is scary. To love someone means you have to make yourself vulnerable, and chances are you can get hurt and scared.

But what’s the alternative?

Make yourself hard, out of reach, disattached and cold. The world is a lonely place if you have no love.

This is true not only for the personal relationships, but for everything and everyone out there. For every interaction we encounter, the possibility for getting hurt is present.

And we get hurt, and we get disappointed.

So we start building a wall inside us –  little by little, day by day, until we get numb. And we do get numb, we just don’t recognize it before it hits us right in the face that we have become unloving, and the world around us turns against us.

Getting hurt is living. Living is loving. God is love. Love is life and life is God.

Be Kind, have faith.