Where and how do I find my true self?

The true self is not driven by fear, lust, anger, selfishness pr anything that we need to cover up or defend.

The true self is loving, calm and confident, and wants to understand what is going on, wants to grow and learn.

True self is at peace with with it self, the true you is LOVE. God is love.

If your not at peace with yourself, try questioning your own motives, be as honest as you possible can – you might not like the answers, but if you’re honest about, and not afraid to admit what you find, you’re on your way home. To Love.

God has given you a promise he will take care of you, if you follow him.  That promise makes it possible for you to be brutally honest about  yourself – trust him, and you’ll se it’s easier to come closer to who you really are.

Jesus gave us the story of how to walk that path. It’s not a mystery, it’s a recipe, and it’s life changing.

It’s a journey. Be patient.

Question everything. Be kind. Always.