So why vegan?

Why not, would be my first response. But it’s a BIG topic. Way too big for a for a single blogpost, but I’ll share a few thoughts on it in this post.

If you’re still eating meat, it’s either because you live in a super remote place, with long cold winters and no other ways to get food in winter than catching an animal OR you have not thought this through and are not conscious about it. 

To me, the terms vegan and veganism is about plant-based food. It is obvious to me that having a plant-based diet is the most natural, most efficient and the healthiest way to live, both physically AND mentally 

What is food

In order to have a meaningful discussion about food, we first gotta look at what food is and how it functions.

Food is first and foremost a source of energy needed by our bodies and brains (the brain uses around 20% of the energy). Food is also a very important ‘Social Glue (together with alcohol) and can also serve as a ‘Drug in it self, creating feelings of pleasure and well being.

Eating Stardust

It’s been said that you are what you eat, and if we dig deep enough into it, we’ll end up seeing that it’s actually stardust we’re eating, inhaling and drinking – so I really dont believe that. You are what you are.


Natural food sources

We can eat pretty much anything, no doubt about that. However – just because you can devour a cow or a horse doesn’t mean that that is the best source of food. 

Our bodies have a natural craving for fats and sugars found in fruits and nuts, and those sources of food are among the easiest for our bodies to digest, and some of the very best sources of energy. period.

Physical and mental health

Food affects your mental health too. After I quitted eating meat, my mind felt much clearer, and I realized that eating meat actually made my thoughts more ‘sluggish. Try it, and you’ll see what I mean. 

Killing for joy!

In some parts of the world, eating some meat has been necessary in order to survive long cold winters etc. But today, and for most parts of the world, that is not the situation anymore. We have the option and the resources to get almost any type of food we want. So why do we keep on eating meat, even if we don’t have to? Indulgence

So now we kill animals just because we can, and to satisfy our lust, not because we need it. That is disgusting.


But I need meat, I’m a meat guy

BullCrap. You don’t need it. That is just NOT true. but you have developed a taste for it, and you are addicted to it.

Our natural inclination is to help the animals

I didn’t go vegan because I felt sorry for the animals. BUT. Think about this: If you encounter an animal that is hurt, or in need of help, your first inclination is to help it, not eat it. 

In order for you to keep eating animals, you have to shut out that part of yourself – and this is where it gets really ugly. You have to tell yourself a lie in order to continue eating meat.  


Taste is second 

We develop a taste and liking for anything we eat on a regular basis. Taste dosen’t come first. If you change your diet and stick to it for a while, you’ll see that you’ll build a preference for the new food. It doesn’t happen over night though, but stick to it for a while and you’ll see. It’s like cigarettes, you don’t get hooked after one, but try a few and you’ll start craving them – and then your own internal mechanisms 

Getting creative about plant-based food can be a little challenging at first, abut there are a lot of good resources out there for recipes and inspiration. I recommend as a good starting place for exploring vegan recipes